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PSA World Tour: Home of the greats, home of pro squash


Pro squash players are amongst the fittest and most ambitious athletes in the world. Squash is a fast-paced, high-energy sport that demands dedication and ambition from all who play it.

Our squash players give the game their all. They have to. They have to be resilient enough to keep fighting after a 90-minute gruelling match. They have to constantly improve their skills and adapt for their next opponent. They have to be ready for anything.

Because squash calls for greatness and greatness doesn't just happen, it's earned.

Find out more about the PSA World Tour, the home of the greats, and the home of pro squash.

"I was born to win titles." - Mohamed Elshorbagy

Over 1,500 registered players and more than 600 events taking place around the globe every year. The PSA World Tour and PSA Challenger Tour showcase the game of squash at its highest level in some of the world’s most unique and stunning locations.

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The players

The PSA World Tour features players from over 70 nations across the world. Our athletes travel the globe competing in tournaments in a bid to climb up the rankings and make it to World No.1.

Men's world rankings
Women's world rankings

Find out all the stats on all PSA squash players by clicking on their names in the rankings. You can also compare players with our head-to-head tool.

The tours

The PSA World Tour features the biggest tournaments in squash and sees the best players in the world compete for over 40 titles a season. The tour includes different level events like the World Championships, the World Tour Finals and PSA Platinum events as well as PSA Gold, Silver and Bronze events.

Find out more about the World Tour.

The PSA Challenger Tour events form the backbone of the tour and are the entry point for up-and-coming professionals progressing through to a more international level of competition.

Find out more about the Challenger Tour.

How to follow squash

Over 20 tournaments a season are shown live on SQUASHTV. The platform hosts a wealth of replays, highlights and features so you can go behind the scenes of pro squash or watch the best in action live.

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"I won't stop until I'm No.1." - Hania El Hammamy

Squash 101

We've compiled a list of articles and videos that can help you understand the rules of squash and help you start playing.

Find out the basics about how the game works, scoring and decisions in this handy article: rules of the game. It also gives you information on rallies and the terminology you'll need to understand the game.

To begin playing squash, you'll need to select the right squash ball. And an understanding of the court will also be helpful to a complete beginner, check out the court explained.

You can also watch beginner videos on our YouTube channel.

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