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EYE Rackets V.Lite 125 Control

SquashXtra: Kit Bag - EYE Rackets V.Lite 125 Control

EYE Rackets V.Lite 125 Control

Unstrung weight 125g
Balance Head Heavy
Head size 477cm2
String Pattern 14×18
RRP £75
Official Site Eye Rackets

Norwegian company Eye Rackets were only founded in 2010 but they already boast a heady line-up of rackets, with the V.Lite 125 Control, one of their heaviest models, just one of a range of 17 rackets available to buy on their website.

They’ve applied a minimal paint layer, which give the rackets a matt finish effect, and removed the protective bumper strip from all rackets – citing research that bumper strips do not protect against breakage in 96% of all cases.

Removing the bumper allows the company to shave weight off the finished product and they also deliver all rackets with their own strings, using their string technology which they say aids performance all-round.

All Eye Rackets come in one of two models – the ‘control’ or the ‘power’, with players able to choose the same weight and balance of racket but with a different stringing pattern to better suit their style of play.

When you step on court the first thing you notice about the 125 Control is the weight. It sits at 125g unstrung according to the official blurb, but even with strings and all intact, it feels considerably lighter than the most other rackets out there on the market.

Immediately the feel and control that you generate from this racket impresses although it lacks in all round raw-power. That said, EYE also offer a ‘V.Lite 125 Power’ model in their range, which is likely to substitute power for the increased feel in the 125 Control version.

The head, while quite small, does feel quite forgiving and carries a comparatively large sweet spot – good if you’re prone to the odd mistimed drop shot – although on those mishits you do get a lot of reverberation through the racket and into the arm.

All in all it’s a solid racket that sits towards the lower-middle range in terms of price, and with the company planning on expanding their presence and focusing on becoming a ‘true squash brand’ in the future, Eye could be the choice for players looking for a new racket and an antiestablishment feel.

For Light weight, High control. Low cost

Against Small head size,

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