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Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750

SquashXtra: Kit Bag - Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750

Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750

Unstrung weight 128g
Balance Head Heavy
Head size 480cm2
String Pattern 14×15
RRP £129
Official Site Prince Squash

The Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 incorporates larger spacing between strings to create what they call their ‘bite’ technology – with the wider gap between strings meaning less string should come into contact with the ball. Which should, in theory, lead to a more embedded feel.

The main strings are wrapped around an inverted ring in the throat, their ‘PowerRing’ technology, to create a more resilient string area, to increase the power available on the shot.

If you like to have bags of feel and control in your play then the Prince Pro Beast Powerbite 750 could be the one for you as the stringing pattern delivers huge amounts of responsiveness, allowing you to get a feel for placing the ball exactly where you want.

The light frame with the slightly head heavy distribution encourages you to get it off the ground quick, increasing your shot preparation time and the weight delivery encourages fast racket head speed, perfect for players with a short back swing or who like to employ deception and delays in the strike – which goes someway to explaining why Ramy Ashour is such a fan of Prince rackets!

With the high levels of feel, the Pro Beast also delivers above average distribution of power, meaning you won’t be caught lacking when it comes to a battle of attrition either.

The ProBeast therefore has all the ingredients to make it a top class first choice racket, but a word of warning. Prince rackets are like marmite – you either love them, or hate them – so you may want to try out a Prince racket first to see if it suits you!

For High control, Good power, Durability

Against Cost, nuances of using Prince

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