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SquashXtra: Kit Bag - BLADE Ronin


Unstrung weight 125g
Balance Mid
Head size 495cm2
String Pattern 14×18
RRP £79
Official Site BLADE Squash

Founded in 2005 by Phil Head with the aim of becoming a fresh alternative to the dominant brands in squash, Blade are one of the smallest companies on the circuit and base their designs and logos on the Japanese Warrior Assassins of the 1500s.

The Ronin, one of their range of half a dozen rackets, has a long tear-drop shape and is designed to offer rapid manoeuvrability, power and pace – all at an affordable, wallet-friendly price.

With delicate touches in the paint-job which hint at the companies origins in Hong Kong and the Samurai influence (Seven Samurai anyone?), Blade have produced a racket which exceeds expectations when taking the relative obscurity of the company into consideration.

Delivering a good level of power and control the Blade doesn’t excel in either category in the same vein that other rackets on the market do. But the balance between both facets of the racket, combined its overall low weight, make for a responsive weapon that would suit a player aiming to improve their game while supporting a smaller brand.

For Low Cost, Boutique brand

Against Low power

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