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Salming Viper

SquashXtra: Kit Bag - Salming Viper

Salming Viper

Price £109.99
Star rating 4.5/5
Official Site Salming Viper

Packed full of Salming’s patented shoe technology, and with less cushioning and weight than its brother, the Salming Race, the Salming Viper is a low-profile court shoe that is built for speed and fast paced players.

From the moment you first step on court the Vipers deliver a supremely confortable experience with their lightweight nature and reduced sole-width giving greater contact with the floor and improving off-the-mark power.

The mesh upper helps keeps your feet cool – something we found helped with blister prevention – while the ‘lip’ on the outside edge, Salming’s 11°™ technology, produces a very stable feel during quick twists and turns, giving reassuring stability during potential ankle-damaging lateral movements.

The flexible sole and heel support give great spring and help prevent the onset of the dreaded fifth-game-heavy-leg-syndrome. However we notice less grip in these shoes compared to the other shoes out there on the market.

Similarly to the Race, two of our test showed signs of fraying and erosion on the side-mesh panels after prolonged use – a sign that perhaps the light weight sacrifices a little durability.

Combining lightweight, impressive breathability with above average stability and cushioning with eye-catching designs, the Vipers are in all, a potent pair of sneakers.

The Fit

  • Little longer than standard fit so there’s room to go down a ½ size without becoming too tight on the foot.
  • Good width in forefoot
  • Good toe width
  • Good heel padding

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