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The Hi-Tec Classic

SquashXtra: Kit Bag - Hi-Tec Classic

HI-TEC Classic

Price £25
Star rating 2/5
Official Site The Hi-Tec Classic

THE original squash shoe, the Hi-Tec Classic was the world’s first squash-specific shoe – launched in 1974. Since then over 19 million pairs of the cult-icon have been sold and the Classic can be seen in squash courts around the world.

The Classic lives up to its name on court and definitely gives you that retro look as you step on court.

The soles give as good a grip as any other out there and the internal cushioning does give the shoe a fairly ‘spongy’ feel when bounding around the court.

However the uppers are less stable than the majority of the other models around now – not surprising with 30 years of technological advancements! – lending a less secure feel to the heel and mid-foot areas in particular.

After prolonged use the Classics soon feel heavy, bulky and cumbersome when paired against its younger competitors.

But, as a cult-icon, the Classic should be any newbies starting point!

We wouldn’t rely on them for a long-term shoe-solution. However at the price they are still value for money and we think they should be in every squash player’s kit – even if they’re only used when getting to and from the court!

The Fit

  • The shoe is a little on the short side in terms of length, so we’d recommend a ½ bigger than normal to avoid toe-rub at the top.
  • Slightly wider than average fore-foot
  • Narrow toe space (although increasing size would improve)
  • Average heel padding

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