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SquashXtra: Kit Bag - HI-TEC V-LITE INFINITY

HI-TEC V-Lite infinity

Price £79.99
Star rating 4/5
Official Site The Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity

The shoe of choice for 3x World Champion Nick Matthew, the Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity was designed in conjunction with the Englishman with durability and cushioning the core focus.

On court the Infinity gives a very secure feeling to the players foot, with the side lacing and reinforced toe helping the foot maintain a steady position throughout play – essential to prevent rubbing blisters.

The extra cushioning on the heel is a delight for heavy lingers (or the SquashXtra crew who are carrying a little extra weight….) and really helps you spring out of the strike.

The sole ranks above most of the competition in terms of grip – ensuring you can play with confidence from the off and don’t need to worry unduly about coming unstuck in the back corners.

The shoe can feel cumbersome after a long period of time on court, as the weight begins to tell in comparison to the lighter offerings from the likes of Salming, but this is a shoe that will go on much longer than it’s wearer. It’s a battle horse – a bit like Nick Matthew’s approach to squash in many ways!

A little chunky to look at, the V Lite Infinity is a very solid and dependable squash shoe that is well constructed and well made. The looks won’t stand out amongst the locker room but this is a shoe built for the player who wants to let their racket do the talking.

The Fit

  • Good size-related fitting
  • Above average forefoot space
  • Above average toe box width
  • Good heel padding

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