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Dunlop Squash Balls

SquashXtra: Kit Bag - Dunlop Squash Balls

Speed through the air, rebound height off the front wall, durability, height of bounce off the floor and texture must all come together in a delicate blend of rubber compound to produce a ball that compliments the dynamic demands of the sport – making it neither too easy nor too difficult.

We took the Dunlop to the courts to see if it was Lord of the Bounce.

Dunlop 2-Dot

Cost £39 p/dozen
Durability 4/5
Speed Through Air 3/5
(slow to fast)
Bounce Height 3/5
(low to high)

With around 90% of global sales Dunlop are the de-facto standard setter and the automatic go-to choice for players around the world.

The characteristics of the Dunlop ball, the bounce, the feel and the durability, just feel ‘right’ and are what all other balls must be judged against.

Consistency of product – with the odd ball in occasional boxes performing slightly different to the bulk – is the only negative to what is a stellar product.

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