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Karakal Squash Balls

SquashXtra: Kit Bag - Karakal Squash Balls

Speed through the air, rebound height off the front wall, durability, height of bounce off the floor and texture must all come together in a delicate blend of rubber compound to produce a ball that compliments the dynamic demands of the sport – making it neither too easy nor too difficult.

We took the Karakal to the courts to see if it was Lord of the Bounce.

Karakal Squash Balls

Cost £22.50 p/dozen
Durability 3/5
Speed Through Air 4/5
(from slow to fast)
Bounce Height 4.5/5
(from low to high)

Whilst being a 2-Dot specification ball, the Karakal plays closer in characteristic to a One Dot on court, requiring much less pace and power to play constant punishing length drives.

As a result it’s a good choice for those looking to make the first step from 1-Dot to 2-Dot play, while the speed of the ball through the air made striking volleys a tougher task.

On front-court defensive play the ball is a joy, with much less wrist and power required to play an inch-perfect lob into the back corners – a purists dream!

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