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Cameron Pilley in action

Pre-season With SquashXtra: Power It Like Pilley


With the new squash season approaching, we’ve delved into the SquashXtra archives to bring you some of the best advice and tips to have graced our pages in the past few years to help you get into prime condition ahead of the new campaign.

From technique tips to injury advice, SquashXtra has you covered.

1 – Racket preparation
For me, I want to get my racket position ready early as the ball is arriving. I look to get the racket nice and high, above my head as it allows me to come down into the swing with maximum momentum which really helps generate power through the shot.

2 – Stance
When hitting a big drive, it’s really important to have a strong, solid stance. I want to have my feet parallel to the wall and just slightly more than shoulder width apart. A wide stance ensures you stay stable and controlled through the shot but also allows you to really engage your core and generate further power from that area to bring into the shot.

3 – Weight Transfer
Once I’m in that strong stance, I want to be able to rotate through my torso, engaging the core muscles to generate further power and transferring your weight correctly and in time with the shot is key with this. You want to pass your weight from your back foot through the shot so that your bodyweight is on your front foot at the end of the shot, keeping your knees bent throughout the shot to help.

4 – Point of Impact
When I’m coming through the weight transfer I’m then looking to strike the ball directly in line with my front foot. This allows me to use all my weight and momentum from the swing and stance in the shot but still allows me to maintain a lot of control on the contact and placement of the ball.

5 – Follow-through
While some players use a short, snappy follow through, I like to have a good strong follow through, straight through the ball towards the front wall as I think it helps with control on the shot. You’re aiming to play through the ball towards your target, fully extending the arm to complete the shot

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