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'The Hammer of Thor' Omar Mosaad shows off a deep lunge

Pre-season With SquashXtra: Perfecting The Lunge


With the new squash season approaching, we’ve delved into the SquashXtra archives to bring you some of the best advice and tips to have graced our pages in the past few years to help you get into prime condition ahead of the new campaign.

From technique tips to injury advice, SquashXtra has you covered.

Lunge Technique & Training Tips
1 Standing up tall, feet together. Engage core muscles and step forwards off one leg.
2 The leading foot should be flat on the floor, with slightly more weight in the heel and knee above ankle (you should be able to see the laces of your front foot).
3 Your trunk should maintain midline with back straight and shoulders back.
4 Keeping the weight in the front foot, bend/lower the back knee into as deep a lunge as tolerated – don’t let the knee touch the floor. (Deeper and longer lunges come with improved muscle lengths and strengths).
5 Push back up off the leading foot into a standing position and repeat the cycle as tolerated.
6 Quality is often better than quantity – completing one set of 8 good lunges is far better than 3 sets of 15 poor lunges. When fatigue or lack of form sets in, rest.

Although a basic lunge and its training principles are a great addition to any exercise regime, it is important to recognise the variety of lunges that can be completed to prepare you for a game situation. Some useful variations on the lunge include changing direction (forwards and backwards lunges, lateral lunges), changing length (narrow to wide stance lunges), weighted lunges with or without directional change (good for an arm workout too!)

Adding a twist at the upper trunk during a walking lunge involves a more complex compound movement transferrable to the squash game where both the upper and lower quadrants have to work and engage correctly. You can use a medicine ball to add weight, or even incorporate an exaggerated forehand/backhand with your racket:

Step forwards (or backwards) into a lunge.
With your arms held out in front of your body (with/without weight or racket), twist your upper body over the leading leg, and then turn and twist the other way.
Return to the centre with arms out in front, push up through the leading leg/foot and step through to repeat the sequence off the other side.
Complete up to 10 walking lunges, or the length of the squash court, rest and then repeat.

'The Lunge: More to it than you may think' as featured in SquashXtra Issue 08

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