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Salming Aero Fusione

SquashXtra: #FreshGoods - Salming Fusione Aero Vectran

Courtesy of the folks over at Salming we've recently received a copy of the new Fusione Aero Vectran squash racket.

We'll be doing an in-depth review ahead of the next issue of SquashXtra, due out September, but here's our first look.

Salming Fusione Aero Vectra

RRP Price £139.99
Listed Weight 122g
Head Size 495cm2
Listed Balance Head Light
Stringing Pattern 14×19
Target Play Style All rounder

An established leader in the squash shoe market, Swedish company Salming have transferred their penchant for vivid colours and striking designs into the racket market – with the Fusione Aero Vectran one of their premium offerings.

With a bright organic cosmetic the Fusione instantly stands out from the crowd while the supplied Salming X3M Sticky grip in fluorescent yellow adds yet further to the peacock-factor.

Designed to be a light-weight closed throat option that caters to players who play an all round game – equal part control to raw power – the Fusione is claimed to weigh in at 122g (frame only) and offers players a 14×19 stringing pattern.

Instantly noticeable however, is the huge discrepancy in string spacing on the cross strings (going vertically up the racket face away from the handle). The upper nine cross strings are clustered together in a tight spacing, making to most other rackets out there, but from there downwards the spacing increases dramatically towards the throat. That variation is likely to lead to the ball behaving differently as it rebounds from different sections of the face.

The frame itself is constructed from 'Vectran' - a new material used by Salming which they claim offers several performance-enhancing characteristics such as vibration damping.

Look out for a more in-depth review soon.

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