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Saurav Ghosal takes some time out for the kids

ReBound Helps Children from Squash Urbano Meet Their Idols

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) is delighted to announce that its ReBound initiative has enabled children at the Colombia-based Squash Urbano programme to meet, and participate in coaching clinics with, some of the sport’s leading stars.

With the help of ReBound, the young players at Squash Urbano, an urban squash programme and education programme based in Cartagena, met the likes of World No.1 Mohamed ElShorbagy, his brother, World No.7 Marwan, and former World No.5 Borja Golan at the programme’s partner school, Antonia Santos, before joining World No.24 Stephen Coppinger and two-time World Champion David Palmer for a series of coaching clinics during February’s Colombia Open.

Squash Urbano’s mission is to provide life-changing opportunities to children from low-income families in Colombia through education, mentoring and the sport of squash. The programme allows the children to travel and train in the US in an effort to broaden the cultural experience of its students, in addition to helping them learn English to improve their work opportunities.

“The visit of the ElShorbagy brothers and Borja to our partner school, Antonia Santos, was without any doubt one of the most rewarding experiences for our kids in our three years of operation in Cartagena,” said Squash Urbano Executive Director Esteban Espinal.

“To share a moment and be able to get to play with a legend of the sport like David Palmer on the glass court during the Colombian Open was inspiring and motivating for our players.”

PSA Foundation Manager, Adriana Olaya, added: “The most impressive thing about Squash Urbano is that it is a programme that strives to bring cultures together. The level of English that these children have reached wouldn’t have been possible without Squash Urbano.

“We were able to witness the skills and talent that these children have developed and the inspirational role that they play in their school.

“When we visited the Antonia Santos School in Cartagena, we witnessed how these children are admired by their classmates and how confident they are even when dealing with world-class players.

“We are delighted that ReBound has once again made a big difference in the lives of underprivileged people, in addition to our successful collection drive that saw equipment, clothing and accessorises benefit outreach programmes in Zimbabwe last season.

“We are committed to helping disadvantaged children and adults around the world get active through the sport of squash and look forward to continuing to have a big impact in those people’s lives.”

For more information on Squash Urbano, visit their website here:

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