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The 2018 Swedish Open in progress at Linköping Sporthall

Swedish Open to move to Skellefteå for 2018/19 Season

The Swedish Open will be held in Skellefteå for the 2018/19 season, bringing an end to a 15-year association with Linköping.

The tournament – which was won by World No.2 Ali Farag in February – had developed into one of the premier squash tournaments in Europe and will now be held in March as a PSA Challenger Tour event with both a men's and women's tournament taking place at the Skellefteå Squashklubb.

“I absolutely think it’s possible that we’re back in Linköping with a big tournament in 2020,” said ActiPro Event Chief Executive and former Tournament Promoter Fredrik Johnson.

“A dream I’ve also had for a long time is to arrange a squash tournament outdoors at one of the central plazas in Linköping, so we’ll see how the future and planning turns out. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to everyone who in different ways has been around and contributed to the successful tournament during its fifteen years in Linköping.

“Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible to present this world-class event year after year.”

Skellefteå Squash Club Chairman Jan Kaiding said: ”It’s with great honor and pride Skellefteå Squashklubb will organise [the] Cronimet Swedish Open [in] 2019… We see this as an additional proof of our club being strong, and that we, throughout the years, have shown that we’ve the capacity and the commitment it takes to organise successful tournaments.

“To organise such a big and well-organised tournament as Fredrik Johnson and his team successfully have done the last years requires great resources, and we aren’t really on that level yet. We’ll of course go into the tournament with great commitment, but we’ll adapt the tournament to our resources…”

Swedish Squash Rackets Association President Åsa Wallin said: “[The] Swedish Open is an annual highlight of the year. [Over] the latest 15 years we have had the privilege to watch excellent squash… in Sweden and the tournament also has an important function as a meeting point for the squash community in the Nordic countries.

“On behalf of Swedish Squash, I would like to thank Fredrik Johnson and ActiPro Event for developing Swedish Open to a world class tournament. It is very exciting that Skellefteå SK will arrange a tournament for both women and men, and we are looking forward to see you all at [the] Swedish Open 2019 in Skellefteå.”

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