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Mohamed Reda

Reda Announces Retirement from PSA Tour

Egypt’s World No.57 Mohamed Reda has announced his retirement from the PSA Tour.

The 30-year-old from Cairo has enjoyed a successful career, which saw him join the professional tour in 2005 and go on to win 15 PSA titles as well as reach a career-high ranking of World No.23 in 2011.

“23 years ago, I was luckily introduced to a unique sport as told by my parents,” said Reda on his Instagram page.

“A sport that symbolises nothing but absolute competition and cherishes no-one but the winner. A sport that has enriched my life, growth and mental development, experimental background and behavioural skills on so many levels. Squash has been my bingo throughout this period of time.

“It all happened when I was only seven and a coach asked my mom to allow me to try the game and the moment I held the racket, the coach said: ‘Looks like a champ in the making.” Hence my journey started and never ceased! My journey started with the intense willingness to achieve my best one day. Domestically, I have gained so many titles and that was the motif to embark a new phase of international tournaments in which I have cherished my winnings as well.

“As a result, I was able to embrace my career as a pro and join the PSA for 14 years. The discipline associated with my commitment to training and practicing on a daily basis has shaped my character and made me the man whom I am today. The passion for the game is the reason that made me strive day and night to learn from my loses and cherish my gains.

“Though it’s been 23 years since my association with the squash, but it seems like a yesterday affair. My squash career has been a remarkable learning experience and I am thankful from the bottom of my hart to all my family and friends always being on the cooperative front. A very special thank you to my earliest supporters in my career goes to my mom and dad. Whatever, I have achieved so far wouldn’t have been possible without your endless support.

“Personally, I never thought this moment would arrive in my life, but here I am announcing my retirement as a professional squash player. It is indeed a sad moment for me to make such a hard decision, but there is always a good in every goodbye. I might be quitting the game as a player, but my journey in this career is taking a new drift and phase.

“Indeed, I am biding the game a goodbye now, but I am saying hello again. So, I pray you all wish me luck, success, and a ride of hopeful adventures.”

The PSA wish Mohamed all the best in his future endeavours.

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