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Daryl Selby

Daryl Selby on his Tricks, Lockdown Life & His New Show with Nick Matthew

England's Daryl Selby recently dropped in to chat to Beyond the Glass presenters Joey Barrington and Jenny Duncalf to talk about his life in lockdown.

Selby talked about his tricks that he's been sharing on social media, his new home schooling role and also his new video show with compatriot and former World No.1 Nick Matthew.

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Joey Barrington: Hi Daryl, you’re always very active on social media with your ‘Shot of the Months’ which have been going over the PSA World Tour the last few years. But, now you’ve got your young nippers at home and improvising, you’ve come up with some pretty cool challenges that have been taken up well by the squash community?

Daryl Selby: I think when we first started we didn’t know how long we were going to be locked in our houses for. I always like to keep some sort of skill games going, especially at home with young ones trying to teach them the patience of learning a new skill. Whether that’s getting a ball in a cup or doing keepy ups with the side of the racket, whatever that may be. I try to do it with them around as well, rather than do it in the evening, which is not always easy but it’s good trying to teach them the patience and the way you learn as well. I’m trying to class it as a P.E. lesson but most of the time after spending so long doing board games and stuff, it’s nice to do something a bit more active.

JB: Do you think up a lot of these challenges when you’re on the toilet?

DS: I do a lot of emailing and stuff on the toilet these days to be honest, it’s the only peace and quiet I get. If I can shut the door of the toilet for 10 minutes then I can get a lot done, whereas the rest of the time I’m very inefficient. It’s nice trying to create them, I watch a lot of stuff on YouTube. One of the biggest channels on YouTube is called ‘Dude Perfect’ and they are basically trickshot guys that do the most amazing tricks. So, I’m trying to translate a bit of that into the squash world and inspire the younger kids to try some different skill things. I think when we’re locked in at home and can’t use a squash court, you have to think outside the box a little bit and I enjoy doing them. I did some the other day for Team England with the kids around and it was good fun.

Jenny Duncalf: You seem to be a fun dad to have around!

DS: Most of the time! Sometimes you do have to raise your voice, it’s tough with the way the world is at the moment. I love spending time with the kids at home because you don’t get to do it as much when you’re travelling. We travel a lot and spend a lot of time away from home and you get that feeling that you want to be home and then when you are home and you’re forced to be there for a long period of time, you get the urge to go out and explore again and want to travel and have a bit of your own space. The tough part has been the balancing act of trying to do stuff and do constructive things, but also home-schooling kids is really tough, especially the ages that I have got. Reception age is really difficult and then seven and the two-year-old basically just runs around the room. It’s a juggling act, it is what it is and everyone is just learning to adapt and we are in our house as well.

Daryl Selby celebrates at the Canary Wharf Classic 2020

JD: It could be a bit of practice for you. I don’t know if you’ve said anything officially, but you often allude to tournaments being your last and you’re not going to be playing squash forever, so there is going to be a time, perhaps not too far away, where you are going to be at home a lot more. How has Coronavirus affected your possible retirement plans and your squash at the moment?

DS: It’s massively thrown it all up in the air. I was probably planning on, well I still haven’t fully committed, the problem is every time I play one tournament and don’t feel in great shape then I think ‘this is it’. But then I stitch myself up by playing really well again. Canary Wharf I played well and beat Joel [Makin], who is a top ten player. I know it’s best-of-three but to be able to play that level of squash for nearly an hour with the amount of training I do, which is very little, is nice. It gives you that motivation then, I don’t feel 37, when I run around a squash court I feel like I’m 27. I don’t feel fit or as fit as any of the top guys aerobically, but still for that period of time playing whether it’s 30 minutes, 45 minutes I still feel able to compete with them. I’m playing well enough and squash wise I can definitely cause some damage, so this Coronavirus, lockdown thing, I’ve been running a bit but I’m probably a bit overweight but then it’s just hard to do home workouts when you’re not playing squash at all – going out for a 5k run every other day isn’t really burning that many calories. I’m still probably eating as much as I was before and then just sitting down for large parts of the day. So, having a big lunch and then getting to 7pm at night and thinking I want dinner, when I’m still full. Anyway, I have just started the Keto diet, so we will see how that goes.

JD: How’s it going so far?

DS: Alright so far, I’m actually quite enjoying it. But the difficulties as we know, is when you’re travelling and going around the world and eat the right way is very difficult when you’re travelling. If you’re at home all day, making three meals at home, then any type of eating or meals you want to do is very easy to. Hanging in there.

JB: Keep growing the beard and keep having your Viking meals. He’s put on an extra 20kg…

DS: How are you JB? You’ve got a squat rack behind you, have you been working out?

JB: I’m going to start doing what The Rock does and basically take a mobile gym with me around the world.

DS: Just start bench pressing PJ in the commentary box! He’s probably a bit big so maybe Jonny Williams – he’s a bit lighter isn’t he!

JB: Might be a bit more of a challenge with him talking at me! But we’re ok, it’s the home schooling as you say, but I only have one at the moment so having three must be a massive challenge. But it’s great what you’re doing Daryl and really appreciate where you’re coming from, particularly with the kids. At the end of the day we want to keep them inspired with the game, so keep coming up with them.

Another thing you have on the go, is you’re linking up with Nick Matthew to do a podcast, is it?

DS: Yes, similar to this really a video show, well I want to call it a game show but he won’t let me. It’s apparently more of a chat show/interview, we have a few guests, similar to what we’re doing here but we’ve decided to call it Bobby and the Wolf. We’ve got a few little graphics going on and it should be fun. I’ve done podcasts in the past with Mr [Cameron] Pilley and I hope to still do a few more with him. This is more of a video thing and something we thought we’d try and come up with while everyone is in lockdown and want as much squash content as they can. It’s great that PSA are doing this one and getting it out there for all the squash lovers to stay sane and even going forward it’s great to have more content for people.

JB: Well done for getting your name in first. I imagine he wanted to call it The Wolf and Bobby so well done for that one!

DS: A lot of the ones he came up with involved a lot of squash terminology and I managed to steer him away from that onto the names, so it’s very nice of him to let me go first!

JB: Best of luck with it Daryl and thanks a lot for today, we really appreciate your time.

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