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May COVID-19 Update

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Dear squash fans,

As we progress through the COVID-19 pandemic, and with some countries beginning to reopen their squash courts, we wanted to bring you an update on the work that has been happening at PSA as we cautiously outline a roadmap for the restart of professional squash with the restrictions that will be in place following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Return of the Tour

The PSA Tour is currently suspended until July and, due to a range of challenges, it is likely that the tour will return in a different format than before, at least in the early months.

We are in the process of getting in touch with all of our promoters to discuss how and when it might be possible to hold their events. Our main focus is to ensure any restart of the tour does not compromise the health and safety of our players, promoters, fans and tournament staff.

There are also a range of challenges to contend with, such as a lack of a known date for international travel to reopen, potential quarantine measures for international travellers and social distancing guidelines, which look set to be in place for the foreseeable future and will have a direct impact on event logistics, spectators and revenue.

We are exploring all available options to ensure we can return to competitive squash and are working with a number of different scenarios in mind, including the potential for tournaments behind closed doors, as well as future alterations to the PSA Tour calendar based on international travel opening up later in 2020.

We plan to issue a further update on our plans for the restart of the tour at the start of June.

WSF Guidelines

As you may have seen, we have been working closely with the WSF to put together a comprehensive list of guidelines in order to make the return to squash as safe as possible.

There is a not an all-encompassing solution that will work across the globe given that certain countries are further along in their attempts to return to some form of normality.

However, both PSA and WSF feel it is vital that we put these steps in place to assist in the planning for the restart of squash in order to help federations and clubs be prepared to reopen once instructed by their relevant national authorities.

For more information on the guidelines, please visit the WSF website.

In the meantime, we hope you and your loved ones are all staying safe and we look forward to updating you further in due course.

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