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Birds-eye view of Hollie Naughton on court at the Black Ball Sporting Club

Gallery: Women's CIB Black Ball Squash Open

Stay up to date here with the best images from the week as the women's CIB Black Ball Squash Open takes place in Cairo, Egypt.

Finals Day

SQUASHTV commentators reporting for duty

Amanda Sobhy lunges

In the heat of battle

That winning moment

Your Black Ball champion - Nour El Sherbini

All smiles for El Sherbini and Sobhy

Tournament MC Michael Absalom looks on

Day Six

Amanda Sobhy gives the thumbs up after her semi-final win

Nour El Sherbini

Salma Hany warms up under the light show

SquashTV's Joey Barrington and Lee Drew

Day Five

Joelle King points to her head as she goes to retrieve the ball

Salma Hany walking into the semi-finals...

Amanda Sobhy in motion

That winning feeling...

Even the best get frustrated

Hania El Hammamy leaps through the air

Joelle King celebrates as Hania El Hammamy looks on

All smiles for Joelle King

Walking into the venue

Sarah-Jane Perry (left) and Nour El Sherbini (right) share a joke

Day Four

Salma Hany

Contrasting reactions for Amanda Sobhy and Farida Mohamed

Salma Hany (left) and Rowan Elaraby (right). after their contest

Big smiles for Nadine Shahin on court

Tinne Gilis in the air

Amanda Sobhy tests her reactions

Tinne Gilis and Nour El Sherbini

Camille Serme

Day Three

Nele Gilis stepping onto court

Amanda Sobhy and Julianne Courtice battle it out

Salma Hany celebrates after her win

Hollie Naughton receives treatment on her ankle from physio Derek Ryan

Amanda Sobhy

Camille Serme practices in the shadows

Hollie Naughton celebrates while Zeina Mickawy looks on

Amanda Sobhy prepares to walk onto court

Under the lights: Nouran Gohar

Rowan Elaraby waits for her turn on court

Winning feeling for Rowan Elaraby

Day Two

Lisa Aitken

Hania El Hammamy

Hollie Naughton

Olivia Fiechter

Nour El Sherbini

Lisa Aitken (left) getting treatment from Derek Ryan (right)

Tinne Gilis looks on

Seeing double: Danielle Letourneau

Conflicting emotions for Sarah-Jane Perry (left) and Mariam Metwally (right)

Respect between Olivia Fiechter (left) and Melissa Alves (right)

Day One

Vein game on point from Scotland's Lisa Aitken

Squash leaving its mark...

Emily Whitlock checks her phone after her match

The pain of defeat...

Jasmine Hutton prepares for her match

Donna Lobban stretches during her warm-up

Cindy Merlo takes a drink of water during her match

That winning feeling...

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