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Joeri Hapers

Eredivisie - Speelronde Preview: Hapers Aiming For Top 100

The Squash Eredivisie – Speelronde 3 is the final event of the week’s action on the PSA Challenger Tour, with play beginning on Saturday morning in the Netherlands.

Like all events on the Challenger Tour right now, the Challenger 3 level tournament in Amsterdam has limited entries, with only those currently residing in the country being allowed to enter.

The 16-strong field has two non-Dutch players in, in Romania’s Bogdan Vasile, and Belgium’s Joeri Hapers, who is the top seed for the tournament. We spoke to the World No.138 this week, and he admitted to how much he has missed playing in tournaments.

“Firstly, I feel good coming into this competition. I have been training daily for the last couple of weeks (with a lot of solo practice, which I like to do) and I’m looking forward enjoying my time on court,” the Belgian No.2 said.

“I have missed playing competitively so much, I haven’t been able to get a chance to get points that can improve my ranking. And now with this tournament I have the chance to get more points then my current average.”

Hapers is currently his nation’s second best male player, behind Jan van den Herrewegen, who sits 45 places about this week’s top seed in the World Rankings.

The 30-year-old maintains that his first goal is to get inside the top 100 in those rankings first, and then the rest will follow, including taking the Belgian No.1 spot.

“Well firstly my focus is to get into the top 100. That’s my main short-term goal right now and then go further from there, into top 75, 50, 30, 20 etc.. I feel I need to win some tournaments soon to take that No. 1 spot,” he explained.

“I don’t feel much pressure, I just want to have the experience of playing competitively again, have fun, enjoy the process, and play my best. I’m very grateful that we can enjoy playing competitively in these times!”

Alongside his squash career, the Belgian has also become a serious painter, with the lockdown period helping him to hone his skills. He says it has helped his squash game in lots of ways.

“The lockdown made room for other things besides squash. I discovered painting and began selling paintings,” Hapers said.

“Painting helps my squash as well, I feel more creative and focused on court and I can get my mind off squash for some time. Selling some paintings also helps me to fund my trainings as well.”

The event takes place from Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 at the Frans Otten Stadium in Amsterdam, where Joeri Hapers is the top seed for the tournament. Follow the PSA Challenger Tour on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates from the event.

The action will also be live-streamed on the Squash Bond Nederland website, with every match on Court 21 being shown live.

First Round Draw: Squash Eredvisie – Speelronde 3
[1] Joeri Hapers (BEL) v Guido Lindner (NED)
[WC] Dylan Bennett (NED) v [8] Tjeu Dubbeldam (NED)
[5] Luke Stauffer (NED) v [WC] Romeo Marino (NED)
[WC] Thijs Roukens (NED) v [3] Rene Mijs (NED)
[4] Rowan Damming (NED) v [7] Bogdan Vasile (ROM)
[WC] Jeroen Mulderij (NED) v [6] Sam Gerrits (NED)
Sebastiaan Hofman (NED) v [WC] Knut Hogervorst (NED)
[WC] Joris Wagenaar (NED) v [2] Marc ter Sluis (NED)

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