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PSA Signs Multi-Year Partnership with Racketware

The Professional Squash Association (PSA) have signed a multi-year agreement with Racketware which will see the UK-based technology company become an Official Partner of the PSA ahead of the release of their new second generation sensor later this week.

Racketware – based in Oxfordshire – have created a motion tracking sensor to help squash players around the world improve their game. The sensor attaches to a player’s squash racket and sends key data to a companion iOS and Android app, which contains in-depth stats to help players analyse their swing, length of rallies, shot quality, fitness and much more.

As part of the agreement, Racketware have appointed Squash Media & Marketing (SMM) – the PSA’s new commercial arm – to take over the communications and marketing functions of the organisation.

“We are delighted to welcome Racketware as an Official Partner and – through SMM – we look forward to working closely with their team in the coming years,” said PSA Chief Commercial Officer Tommy Berden.

“Racketware have produced an innovative motion tracking sensor for squash which will enable players to analyse their game in greater depth and we are excited about the new possibilities that this brings to the sport. With a new product launch on the horizon, it’s a great time to partner with Racketware and see how we can jointly improve the experience of squash players of all ability levels.

“This partnership is evidence of our continued commitment to exploring innovative new technologies to enhance the sport both at a professional level and at a grassroots level.”

Racketware Founder Dr. Paul Mellor said: “Racketware are pleased to become an Official Partner of the PSA. We believe that by working together we can ensure that new and emerging technologies can be incorporated into the sport in a way that enhances enjoyment for both players and fans, whilst also helping to improve player performance and encouraging participation at all levels.”

The new second generation Racketware sensor will be released on Wednesday October 27. For more information on Racketware, visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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