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SangHoon Lee
Flag (kr)
South Korea

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Seoul, South Korea
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SangHoon Lee Profile
Date of Birth 4th March, 1994
Height (cm) 165
Weight (kg) 60
Residence Goyangsi, South Korea
Coach Timothy Arnold, Dong-woo Kim
Interests Football, Reading, Movies


Malaysian Squash Tour VII 2016 19 - 19 Dec M10 Event

Old Chang Kee Marigold Singapore Open 2016 30 - 30 Nov M5 Event

Malaysian Squash Tour VI 2016 24 - 24 Oct M5 Event

Tarra Volkswagen Bega Open 2016 24 - 25 Aug M5 Event

City of Greater Shepparton International 2016 18 - 18 Aug M5 Event

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