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Zac Alexander
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World Ranking:
Brisbane, Australia

Player BIO

Zac Alexander Profile
Date of Birth 11th February, 1989
Height (cm) 186
Weight (kg) 73
Residence Melbourne, Australia
Coach Rodney Martin
Interests Golf, AFL football

Since making his PSA World Tour debut in 2007, Australia’s Zac Alexander has gone on to add a multitude of silverware to his repertoire.
He captured his maiden title at the NSC Satellite No.3 in 2008 and moved into the world’s top 100 for the first time in February 2009.
After winning a smattering of titles throughout the rest of the year, Alexander claimed his 5th PSA World Tour crown at the Topend Open which began a run of three successive tournament victories, a feat he has repeated twice in his career.
Title number ten came at the Rhode Island Open in November 2011 before he broke into the world’s top 40 five months later.
An hip operation in the second half of 2013 rendered Alexander unable to compete for seven months and his World Ranking took a hit as a result as he slid out of the top 100 players in the world.
A smattering of titles then came over the next few years before he hit another purple patch towards the end of 2015, again taking three titles on the bounce with the first of those, the New South Wales Open, becoming his 15th title.


Squash NT Open 2016 13 - 15 May M5 Event

Queensland Open 2015 06 - 08 Nov M5 Event

Mackay Open 2015 30 Oct - 01 Nov M5 Event

New South Wales Open 2015 28 - 30 Aug M5 Event

Australian Open 2015 05 - 09 Aug M25 Event

Victorian Open 2015 29 Jul - 02 Aug M15 Event

NT Open 2015 08 - 10 May Challenger 10 Event

Life Time Fitness Atlanta Open 2015 05 - 08 Feb Challenger 10 Event

J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions 2015 14 - 15 Jan World Series Event

Life Time Minneapolis Open 2014 06 - 09 Nov Challenger 10 Event

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