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Bradley Hindle

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Bradley Hindle (or Bradley Hindle-Deguara as known in Malta) has performed consistently in his career, he has been on the tour since 2004 and winning 6 PSA titles and performing well in other events reaching a host of finals, semi finals, and quarter final positions. During the month of July 2011 Hindle-Deguara was given the honor as national flag bearer for the nation of Malta (where his family descends from) at the Opening ceremony for the Olympic sanctioned GSSE games held in Lichtenstein. Bradley played a key role in winning 2 gold medals in the teams and individual event, Hindle-Deguara quotes "It's one of the biggest honors as an athlete can have to hold the flag for the nation, and to follow it up by winning two gold medals leaves a proud memorable moment in my life and career". Hindle-Deguara has also represented Malta at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in both singles and doubles delivering solid performaces in both events. His efforts has delivered him much high appraisal from elite echelons of the industry securing his level position amongst the world professional players. 2012 Bradley took the professional decision to take a step back from professional competition to allow injuries and the body to heal itself after a such high demand placed on the body in the last 24 months, Hindle-Deguara is planning to compete again in 2013.

Bradley Hindle Profile
World Ranking: 344
Birthplace: Australia
Height: 185
Weight: 76
Interests Reading/writing and water Sports