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WSF & PSA Satellite tournament FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a WSF & PSA National Championship and a WSF & PSA Satellite tournament?
A: A National Championship is a tournament run by the National Federation and its entries are open exclusively nationals and/or permanent residents of that country. Each country is only able to hold one National Championship annually and there are no prize money restrictions. A Satellite tournament is run by any individual promoter or club. Its entries are open to all PSA members. There are no restrictions on how many Satellite tournaments are run by an individual promoter or club, however there are prize money restrictions.

Q: What's the minimum and maximum amount of prize money that I can distribute for my Satellite tournament?
A: For a Satellite tournament, the minimum prize money is currently $1,000 USD per division and the maximum prize money is $4,999 USD. National Championships do not have any prize money restrictions (minimum or maximum).

Q: Do I have to distribute my prize money to all finishing places?
A: No, PSA do not have a specific ruling as to how you distribute your prize money. We would however recommend that prize money is distributed to the semi-finalists and finalists as a minimum.

Q: How do entries work?
A: All entries go through the tournament promoter. We suggest you create an application form (or you may already have one) that sets out the deadline and fee for entering.

Q: Can I charge for entries?
A: Yes, you can charge for entries, although it’s important to be mindful that players do not earn much money! The maximum entry fee is $30 for PSA players.

Q: What draw format should I use?
A: You can choose the draw format (e.g. round robin, knock-out, Monrad etc), but please make this clear on the registration form so players are aware of this before entering.

Q: Can I use national rankings to seed my draw?
A: Yes, BUT only if you have no foreign PSA participants and have asked PSA’s permission to do so. If you do have foreign PSA participants, you must use PSA rankings.

Q: Is the tournament draw done by PSA?
A: No, as all entries are taken by the promoter, we ask that the draw is done by them too. Templates can be found in our resources section for all draw sizes.

Q: If I receive more entries than anticipated, can I increase my draw-size?
A: Yes, we are happy for you to increase your draw size as long as all PSA members and the PSA Office are made aware of this – just send us an email to request this and bear in mind points may only be given up to a certain finishing position.

Q: If I have late withdrawals, can I include late entries?
A: Yes, as long as they are not ranked higher than other players already in the draw.

Q: If my results are listed on an external website, do I still have to send a results report?
A: Yes, PSA require all the results in a written or excel format for our records. This should be sent within 24 hours of the tournament finishing so players can claim their points.

Q: Is there a fee to register?
A: There is a $100 (+VAT where applicable) fee for Satellite tournaments to register with PSA. There is no fee payable for any National Championship or junior tournament.

Q: What is a Spin Number?
A: All players who wish to play in all World Individual and Team Championships, Regional Championships, World Junior Circuit National Opens and other events at all age levels will need to be registered, along with Team Officials.
You will be provided with a SPIN (Squash Personal Identification Number), upon payment of the applicable fee, which is subject to renewal.
Registration Fees are:

  • Registration (including 1st year payment): GBP £15.00 (all ages).
  • Annual renewal: Adult – GBP £10.00. Junior – GBP £5.00 (still under 19 on 1 January of their renewal year).

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