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Welcome to the PSA

The global governing body of professional squash and
the home of squash on the internet.

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About the PSA

An affiliate of the World Squash Federation (WSF), the Professional Squash Association (PSA) is the global governing body responsible for the administration of both men’s and women’s professional squash around the world.

With over 750 registered players and over 200 events taking place in all four corners of the globe every year, the PSA World Tour showcases the game of squash at its highest level in some of the world’s most unique and stunning locations.

Encapsulating all that is good about top flight professional squash and combining athleticism, skill, fitness, tenacity, power, drama and above all else, passion, the PSA World Tour is the pinnacle of world squash.

The PSA World Tour

Events on the PSA World Tour are broken down into four categories ranging from the elite World Series, featuring only the very best players from around the world, to Challenger level, where budding stars of the future take their first steps on the road to squash stardom.

PSA Tour Guide

PSA World Championship

Undoubtedly the biggest prize in squash, the PSA World Championship is an annual tournament that brings 80 of the world’s best players together for a week of high-intensity action as they battle it out for the right to become World Champion.

PSA World Series

Comprised of eight of the most prestigious events in squash, the PSA World Series brings the world’s best players together as they compete in some of the most iconic sporting locations in the world.

PSA International

Containing some of the sport’s longest running and most iconic tournaments, International events bring a selection of the world’s top players together with upcoming stars in some of the most compelling matchups on the tour.

PSA Challenger

Some of the most fiercely contested events on the PSA World Tour, Challenger events are the perfect platform for new players to test themselves against some of the tour’s most experienced players as they begin their journey to the top of the squash ladder.


Launched by the PSA in 2009, SQUASHTV is the official home of live and on-demand squash on the internet, providing squash fans across the world with unrivalled access to the world's best squash action.

With over 300-matches shown live and exclusively every year, SQUASHTV in the number one place to watch the drama unfold on the PSA World Tour throughout the year and offers fans the chance to watch full replays, historic matches, behind the scenes features with the favourite players and much, much more.

About Squash

Squash is a racket sport played by over 20 million people from over 185 different countries. There are over 50,000 squash courts worldwide and more than 140 recognised national federations.

Squash was invented at Harrow School in England in around 1830 and today squash is considered as one of the fastest and most demanding sports on the planet, with Forbes magazine ranking it as the ‘world’s no. 1 healthiest sport’.

During a match players alternate striking a small rubber ball with their racket, hitting it against the playable surfaces of the court’s four walls, combining power with finesse in a dynamic sporting pursuit suitable for players of all ages. Squash today continues to grow as an international sport, featuring in the Commonwealth, Asian and Pan-American Games, as well as offering an elite professional world tour circuit for both men and women.